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Sailor Moon

Episode Titles (North American)
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Episodes 1-20                                                Episodes 21-40

Jupiter comes Thundering in

The Power of Friendship

Mercury's Mental Match

An Artful Attack

Too Many Girlfriends

Time Bomb

Grandpa's Follies

An Uncharmed Life

Kitty Chaos

Nightmare in Dreamland

Tuxedo Melvin

Cruise Blues

Sailor V makes the Scene

Fight to the Finish

A Crystal Clear Destiny

Match Point for Sailor Moon

A Reluctant Princess

An Unnatural Phenomenon

Bad Hair Day

Wedding Day Blues

Little Miss Manners

Shutter Bugged

Ski Bunny Blues

Dangerous Dollies

Ice Princess

Who is the Masked Man?

Last Resort

An Animated Mess

Tuxedo Unmasked

Worth a Princess' Ransom

Fractious Friends

Molly's Folly

The Past Returns

A Friend in Wolf's Clothing

Day of Destiny