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Some Villains do not have descriptions, but are in the timeline.

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Episode 1: A Moon Star is Born
Episode 11: Match Point for Sailor Moon
Episode 21: Jupiter comes Thundering In
Episode 29: Sailor V Makes the Scene
Episode 31: A Reluctant Princess
Evil Prince Darien (Evil Tuxedo Mask)
Episode 40: Day of Destiny
Super Beryl, Doom and Gloom Girls
Episode 41: The Return of Sailor Moon
Alan, Anne, Doom Tree, Cardian Bampeel
Episode 42: So You want to be in Pictures
Cardian Minator
Episode 43: A Knight to Remember
Cardian Lion
Episode 44: VR Madness
Cardian Nactride
Episode 45: Cherry Blossom Time
Cardian Racy
Episode 46: Kindergarten Chaos
Cardian Valturose
Episode 47: Much Ado about Baby Sitting
Cardian Skullker
Episode 48: Raye's Day in the Spotlight
Cardian Amphebia
Episode 49: Food Fetish
Cardian Mophead
Episode 50: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Cardian Kilko
Episode 51: Detention Doldrums
Cardian Insectia
Episode 52: Secret Garden
Cardian Four Face
Sailor Moon R:  Black Moon Series
Episode 54: Serena Time Two
Episode 55: The Cosmetic Caper
Episode 56:Sailor Mercury Moving on?
Droid Frosty
Episode 57: Grandpa in a Pickle
Droid Rhonda
Episode 58: Trouble Come Thundering Down
Droid ThunderClap
Episode 59: A Charmed Life
Droid Gela
Episode 60: A Curried Favor
Droid Avacdo
Episode 62: Prediction of Doom
Droid Hypnotica
Episode 67:Rubeus Evens the Score
Episode 68: Rubeus Strikes Out
Episode 69: The Secret of the Luna Sphere
Sapphire, GrimMan
Wicked Lady, Evil Luna-P
Sailor Moon R Movie
Fiore, Kisenian, Darien, Kanpanyura, Gurishina
Sailor Moon S Movie
Princess Snow Kaguya, Snow dancers
Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, Fish Eye
Vesves. JunJun, CereCere, PallaPalla
Sailor Moon SuperS Movie
Pupuran, Bananu, Oranja, Vadiana, Poppiyot