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Silver Millennium
The Silver Millennium was a period of great peace over a thousand years ago.

 Queen Serenity
Queen Serenity
Queen Serenity was the ruler of the Silver Millennium.  She was a just and kind ruler. She had a daughter named Princess Serenity. After the Moon Kingdom was attacked by Queen Beryl, the Queen used the Imperium Silver Crystal and the Crescent Moon Wand to send her daughter, her daughter's court, Prince Endymion to the future on Earth. In using the Crystal, the Queen was Killed.

Princess Serenity surrounded by flowers with trees in the background
 Princess Serenity
Princess Serenity (Serena) is daughter of Queen Serenity. She lived in the Moon Kingdom. Against the rules, the Princess fell in love with a man from Earth, Prince Endymion. Her mother, in seeing this, allowed to two to be engaged. After Beryl threw the Prince, the Princess grabbed his hand and Beryl killed the two. Her mother sent her and her friends to the future on Earth.
 Prince Endymion

Prince Endyminon, he looks kinda upset.
Prince Endymion was ruler of the Earth. He fell in love with the Princess of the Moon, Princess Serenity. After the Negaverse attacked Earth, the Prince fled to the Moon Kingdom to warn them of the impending attack. His advice was not heeded and the Moon Kingdom was destroyed. Both the Prince and the Princess were killed by Queen Beryl. Queen Serenity enclosed them in Moon Beam Crystals and sent them to the future on Earth to be happy together.