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NA Name: Raye Hino
Japanese Name: Hino Rei
Meaning: Spirit of Fire
Birthday: April 17th (1978)
Sign: Aries
Blood type:  AB
Height: 5'3"
School: T.A. Private Girls' School
Favorite subject: Ancient literature, ancient history
Least favorite subject modern history
Favorite food: Fugue (puffer fish) and Thai food
Least favorite food: Canned asparagus
Favorite colors: Red & black
Hobbies: Reading, Singing, Song writing, Fortune Telling
Favorite Animal: Crows
Strong points: Meditation, dedication to causes
Has Trouble with: Television
Dreams: Singer/songwriter, model, wife, Shinto priestess
Home: As a Senshi/Princess, Mars' home is Phobos Deimos
              Castle on Mars
Favorite Gemstone: Ruby