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His Name: Pegasus
His Horn: Vessel used to carry the Golden Crystal
Who He Is: He is really Elios, Priest of Illusion & Guardian of the Golden Kingdom. Elios transforms into Pegasus to escape Nehelania and whenever he wants to. Pegasus is a
magical being who lives in the beautiful dreams. When appearing outside of a dream, he is just an illusion. He can't remain in the real world for long for doing so will cause him to lose his power. Since Elios is the self-appointed Protector of Dreams, it is assumed so is Pegasus.
What He Does: Pegasus' mainly in SuperS to keep the Golden Crystal away from Nehelania and to find the one who can use the power of the crystal to save the world. After that, he just gives advice to Rini, powers up the Senshi into Super form, activates the Kaleidoscope Moon Scope, and ultimately saves the day. Mini Moon calls upon Pegasus to help by using the Crystal Clarion bell. He is the form in which Rini gets to know Elios and thus fall in love with him.

Elios, close-up.
His Name: Elios
His Horn: Elios usually retains the horn he had as Pegasus. The horn
does the same job as the one on Pegasus'-it holds the Golden Crystal.
His Clothes: His outfit is a bit like Peruru's (SuperS movie). He has a choker around his neck and wears a tunic type shirt over white pants.
Who He Is: Protector of Dreams, Guardian of the Golden Crystal, Keeper/Guardian of the Golden Kingdom, faithful servant of King Endymion, a Priest of illusion, and the love interest of Rini. He has been around since the Silver Millennium and is around in Crystal Tokyo.
What He Does: He talks to King Endymion, saves Mini Moon, and then saves Rini and Serena.

 Princess Kakyuu
Princess Kakyuu
Japanese Name: Princess Kakyuu
NA Name: Princess Fireball
Guardians: Starlights
Planet/Star: Kinmoku

 Miss Haruna
Serena, Molly, and Melvin's teacher. She is attacked by the Negaforce.

 Miss Lambert
Serena, Molly, and Melvin's sewing teacher. She is getting married in one of the episodes and ends up getting attacked by the Negaverse.