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NA Name: Mina
Japanese Name: Aino Minako
Meaning: Beautiful Child of Love
Height: 5' 2"
Birthday: October 22 (1978)
Astrological sign: Libra
Astrological day: Friday
Gemstone: Topaz
Blood type: B
Favorite colors: Red, yellow, orange
Favorite foods: Gyouza, ramen, and curry rice
Least favorite food: Shiitake mushrooms
Schools: Shibakouen Junior High, Juuban High
Favorite school subject: Physical Education
Least favorite subject: Math and English
Favorite animal: Birds
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Hobbies: Playing video games, chasing after idols, shopping
Has Trouble with: Mama and the police
Strong points: Leadership, Sports
Guardian: Artemis