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NA Name:  Lita  
Japanese Name:  Kino Makoto
Meaning: Faithfulness of trees
Birthday:  December 5 (1978)
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Blood type:  O+
Height: 5'6"
Favorite color:  Green and Sugar Pink
Hobby:  Bargain-hunting, Cooking, Reading Romances
Favorite food: Cherry pie, meatloaf
Least favorite food:  None
Schools: Juuban Junior High, Juuban High
Favorite subject:  Home Economics
Worst subject:  Physics
Has trouble with:  Airplanes
Strong point:  Cooking, Strength, Athletic
Dream:  Being a bride, selling cake, selling flowers, to be a
                famous chef
Favorite gemstone:  Emerald
Favorite Animal: Horse